For many women, experiencing an abortion can lead to emotional struggles for which they are unprepared. They find themselves unexpectedly feeling guilt, shame, sadness, grief, anger, or loss and may not know how to process their feelings.

Attempting to suppress these feelings can prolong them or even make them stronger. So how can a woman find healing after abortion?

Share Your Experience

Many women fear judgment or stigmatization and keep their stories to themselves. However, sharing your experience with caring friends or family can help you begin to heal. Talking about your struggles can be empowering and deepen your connection with the ones who love you.

Seek Personal Counseling

Finding a counselor can help your healing journey immensely. Discuss the struggles that you are experiencing and set goals to help you improve your outlook.

Take the time to find a counselor that fits your needs. A counselor specializing in post-abortion trauma may have more insight into your situation.

Get Involved in a Support Group

Find hope with other women that have similar experiences. Support groups help you find healing and allow you to be a part of other women’s healing journeys.  After-abortion groups create the connection and community in which hope and healing thrive.

You Deserve Healing

Allowing others to see your vulnerability can be challenging, especially when many believe that abortion does not affect a woman’s mental health. The reality is, though, you are not alone.  Studies have shown that women are significantly more likely to experience mental health struggles after an abortion. It is common for a woman to struggle with the following after an abortion:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance use disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors

Don’t let fear or shame keep you from finding the support you need. Contact the Caring for Women Center to learn about our after-abortion care. Find the individual or group support that you need for healing.

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